2010 - Best Scrimshaw, Southern Califonia Blades Show
2009 - Best Display, Texas Knife Collectors Show

International Scrimshaw Competition, Mystic CT:
   2010 Best Color Wildlife, “Heart of Alaska”
   2008 Best of Show, “Menagerie Carousel”
   2007 Best Color Wildlife, “Oceans”
   2006 Best Color Wildlife, “Tiger plays with Ball”

2006 - Judges Award, Spirit of Steel Show

Publications and Affiliations

Featured artist in:
"The World of Art Knives" Volume 2 by David Darom 2014
"Edmund Davidson the Art of the Integral Knife" by David Darom 2008
"Scrimshaw Techniques" by Jim Stevens 2008
"Art of the Knife" by Joe Kertzman 2007
"Custom Knifemaking" by David Darom 2006 -100 projects in the making includes one by Linda
"Custom Fixed- blade Knives" David Darom 2005
"Custom Folding Knives" by David Darom 2003 - features "The Art of Scrimshaw" by Linda Stone
"Contemporary Scrimshaw" by Eva Halat – German 2003, English 2005
"World of Custom Knives" by Roberto Allara 2001


Kerr County People:
Sept-Oct 2013, "Disney Comes to Kerrville for the Lone Ranger" by Anne Schneider
read at  archives

Virginia Wildlife:
April 2010, "Art with an Edge" by Clarke C. Jones

Knife World:
September 2010, "Ruana’s Vic Hangas - The Real Deal" by Stephen Garger

Blade Magazine:
December 2011, “A Special Knife for Sgt. Rentz” by Blade staff
May 2010, "NASCAR Steel" by Steve Shackelford
December 2007, Featured in "What's "NOW" in Knife Scrimshaw" by Stephen Garger,
February 2005, Featured in "The White Elephant Knife" by Adam Drescher

Knives Illustrated:
October 1997 "Scrimshaw by Linda Karst" by J.M. Rucker
Summer 1990, "Scrimshaw" by Linda Karst

Fighting Knives:
May 1995 – Cover Artist
May 1995 Author "The World of Scrimshaw- An Alaskan Adventure" by Linda Karst

National Knife Magazine:
May 1994, "Linda Kay Karst Scrimshander" by Jim Williamson
April 1988, "Linda Karst Scrimshander" by Jim Williamson "Linda Karst Stone Scrimshander par excellence!" by Bud Lang, July 2003

Country Woman Magazine "A True Texas Treasure" January 2006

The Roanoke Times:
July 18, 2010, “The Knife Sculptor” by Kevin Kittredge

Kerrville Daily Times:
August 25, 2014, “Tusk Trouble” by Sean Batur
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Knifemakers Guild/Associate Member
Texas Knife Collectors Association
Riverside Nature Center
Texas Bighorn Society


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