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Throughout my career as a scrimshander, the majority of my work has been commissioned by individuals. You may want something similar; or you may have a special design, photograph, or an idea for something completely unique. I enjoy working with an individual to design a piece that fulfills their vision and will become a treasured keepsake. Most custom work takes 3-5 months to complete.

Current laws prohibit me from selling any item made in whole or part of elephant ivory across state lines. Some individual states have banned sales of products made of any type of ivory. I will not sell elephant ivory outside my home state of Texas

However, According to Craig Hoover at USFW on June 22, 2016, “....yes, if someone sends you an item to work, and you are not selling the item, but rather being paid for the service, you are not violating the prohibition.”


If you are interested in having me create a piece for you, the best way to start is with an email or phone call so that we can discuss what you have in mind and what laws effect the project. Together we can determine if it can be done, the cost, and how long it will take.

USFWS has provided discussion of the rule, along with a table describing enforcement and all of the criteria for exceptions, at: http://www.fws.gov/international/pdf/questions-and-answers-african-elephant-4d-final-rule.pdf. Read the full document in the Federal Register in effect July 6, 2016 https://www.regulations.gov/#!documentDetail;D=FWS-HQ-IA-2013-0091-0001
Personal note to my friends and collectors; 
I believe this is bad legislation. Ivory never was the enemy. Illegal poachers are the enemy and this will not stop them. It's like burning an Indian Headdress to save an eagle or crushing an antique writing desk to save a tree. Ivory objects throughout history have honored the spirit of these magnificent animals. Elephants do, have and will die of natural causes. Ivory doesn't decay or rot that is why we still find mammoth ivory 10,000 years after their extinction. The CITES import/export ban in 1990 closed our international borders and Americans have worked on recycled ivory since then. I hope that in the future the world will enforce laws that save living elephants and not punish collectors, artists, musicians and antique dealers.
Linda Karst Stone, Scrimshaw Artist since 1976
Many of us are working to change this "taking" of personal property rights because it has no proof it will save even one living elephant. Please join us by learning more and signing up to stay informed at www.kniferights.org or www.elephantprotection.org 
Scrimshaw by Linda Karst Stone



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